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The countdown to harvest is ON!

With the thermometer reading above 100 degrees as I write this, I can't help but think that it is finally feeling like July! The Columbia Valley experienced a cool down in the beginning of summer. We took advantage of the cooler temperatures to remove leaves and laterals from the fruit zone, allowing dappled light around the clusters.

Veraison is progressing nicely through all our vineyards. We observed color change at both Weinbau and Bacchus/Dionysus Vineyards in the same week this year, which historically there is a 10 day to 2 week difference in maturity. Stay tuned to see if this phenomenon follows us into harvest.

We are currently removing congestion and delayed fruit while cluster thinning. This green thinning pass is a key time to be sure we only send you, our valued winemakers, the best fruit for this vintage. We anticipate our crop levels to be similar to last year. We are completing our crop estimate now and will have exact crop levels available to you around August 10th-15th as we send out your Schedule A.