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People of Sagemoor

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Sagemoor Featured in Seattle Dining

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Fruit set is here!

Bloom has come and gone in the vineyards, unveiling the crop potential and tiny little berries that will become the wines of 2017. Fruit set is looking great with Cabernet showing some loose clusters.

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The lab at Sagemoor is open

The propane cannons are firing. The netting is up. The birds (& winemakers) are eyeing our delicious fruit. It must be time to start sampling!

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The countdown to harvest is ON!

With the thermometer reading above 100 degrees as I write this, I can't help but think that it is finally feeling like July! The Columbia Valley experienced a cool down in the beginning of summer. We took advantage of the cooler temperatures to remove leaves and laterals from the fruit zone, allowing dappled light around the clusters.

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