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Fruit set is here!

Bloom has come and gone in the vineyards, unveiling the crop potential and tiny little berries that will become the wines of 2017. Fruit set is looking great with Cabernet showing some loose clusters.

It was a cold winter here is eastern Washington. We had more snow on the ground than some of our team members have remembered seeing at out vineyards, and that snow stayed put for a bit, delaying pruning in some blocks. Budbreak was slow and even.

The recent summer temperatures have been a wonderful tool to slow down our canopies. We have also been removing leaves from the fruit zone, allowing dappled light onto the clusters.

Pictured above: Growing Degree Days- North Pasco

Please visit and create a profile to explore growing degree day charts and much more!  July has been a warm month for us with a few days above 100˚.  It has been great for the vines to begin to lignify and focus on fruit development

We were tracking close to the 5 year average but with the heat this July we have surpassed 2013 with heat units!

Pictured above: full bloom in Chardonnay, fruit set in Sangiovese

After several warmer than average vintages, 2017 began as close to “normal” with budbreak timing.  We saw full bloom in mid June and the resulting fruit set is wonderful.  Many varieties are showing a loose set where cluster congestion is low. We are anticipating véraison to be right around the corner.

Pictured above: Balanced canopies in Dionysus block 16B Merlot

2017 fruit needs?

If you are interested in purchasing additional fruit in 2017 feel free to contact Kent Waliser at We look forward to talking about your wine style and making any adjustments in the field as we see how 2017 unfolds.